sink in, love

I wake up
You fall asleep

meet me at the beach
where dreams crawl to the shore
I will caress your cheek
as I come out the waters

Don’t wake me up
I wonder when I
lost you
to the night’s lullabies

sink in, love

tender, tender, tender

And I remember
forget me


If the object of my love
Is a lie
What of my love?

I like to think sometimes that
Love is a promise
When kindred spirits meet again
– yet
Can I say that it is you
That I have recognized​?

If the object of my love
Is a lie
What of my pain?

Did I recognize​ a face in the crowd
And wave at a stranger
Who happened to smile back?

If the object of my love
Is a lie
Am I mourning
The loss of you?
Or the loss of a promise?

If the object of my love
Is a lie,
Only silence

I remember


I remember
How the skies stretched above my head
How light and high it felt
That winter
I remember
How cold it was
How blue the snow was
How loud and red you laughed
I remember
The way clouds of milk would form
In your cup of tea
I remember
The sound of your tears dropping
Staining the tablecloth
I remember
How blue my fingers were
How we all tried to sleep
In the dark
I remember
How alone and happy I felt
That night
How the icy waves would crash
Around us
How blue the music sounded
That night
I remember
How my voice echoed in the empty hallways
How powerful it made me feel
I remember
There was yellow in the air
I raced happiness until it rained
I was a crazy child
I remember
How I whispered to you at night
How it faded into silence
I remember
How colourful it was
How beautiful it is
To fall in love with you