The moon

The moon talked to me last night
I couldn’t hear her voice well
She spoke of a laundromat
An empty street on a summer’s night
I read Baldwin in a tiny Japanese house
In a tiny bedroom
I smoked minted cigarettes on the balcony
And ate rice balls at 2 A.M.
The moon talked to me every night
Back then
Now I law below a flowered ceiling
The wine went to my head
And the moon speaks to me again
She speaks of laundromats
I guess
She forgot your name.




Feet running
On trails of laughter

The sun
Shining through
The other side of the glass

All fades
But your voice

And the strings of your guitar

My love


My love has the sun in her smile
When she smiles
The heavens crack open
And power fills the earth
Slipping through the cracks
Igniting me
My love unfolds my soul
Like one unfolds a map
Uncovers the roads erased
By fingers tracing
Now lost in fog and buried in silence
Until I heard her voice
My love is an old memory
Of palaces and stars
Lost in the folds of time
My love lives in a satellite
She talks on a string of stars
Drawing pixels in my dreams
My love whispers to me at night
Words she is still afraid of
And feelings too fragile
To be spoken about
My love is heaven’s mistake
Oh beautiful, beautiful mistake
She is
My love is a door opened too soon
A trip on the stairs
My love is a fragment of eternity
Escaped from my shelf
My love sings to the drum of my heart
My love speaks the poem of my soul
My love is right
My love is free
Oh beautiful, beautiful freedom
She is

Long distance


Where do I begin and where do you end?

Kissing through
Corrupted landlines

Can we fight our imagination?

Skins sticking
Lip sucking
There are voices outside
Muffled by your dark eyes
I’ve let go long ago
Stopped running
Slipped on the ice


Fingers in my mouth
All is light
Shut the door
I’m looking for a place
With no windows or colours
To measure us
Our shadows on white walls

Are we built to last?

I remember


I remember
How the skies stretched above my head
How light and high it felt
That winter
I remember
How cold it was
How blue the snow was
How loud and red you laughed
I remember
The way clouds of milk would form
In your cup of tea
I remember
The sound of your tears dropping
Staining the tablecloth
I remember
How blue my fingers were
How we all tried to sleep
In the dark
I remember
How alone and happy I felt
That night
How the icy waves would crash
Around us
How blue the music sounded
That night
I remember
How my voice echoed in the empty hallways
How powerful it made me feel
I remember
There was yellow in the air
I raced happiness until it rained
I was a crazy child
I remember
How I whispered to you at night
How it faded into silence
I remember
How colourful it was
How beautiful it is
To fall in love with you