The wind

The sound of the wind
Bending trees
Like waves crashing
On a beach
The thought of you comes
To me
And fills me with joy.


you and i

i sang for you between white trees
i whispered secrets to the snow
somewhere at the other end of the world
a Mountain still holds the secret of my love
buried under the ice
forever dipped in wonder
and nothingness

I don’t think about you


I don’t think about you
the way I don’t think about
the air I breathe
the warmth of my sheets
the feel of my
naked skin
You do not cross my mind
like the sky
or the new smell of
autumn leaves
the cold floor under my feet
the scars on my knees
(spent too much time
climbing & falling off
I don’t think about you

I don’t ever need to

L’eau se déverse.


Le mal de toi
Coule le long de ma face
Le mal de toi se glisse
Sous le tissus
S’engouffre entre mes lèvres

L’eau se déverse.

Le mal de toi
Est un doux coussin
Pressé sur mon visage

Le mal de toi
Est un plongeoir
Sur une piscine sans fond

L’eau se déverse.

Le mal de toi chuchote
Dans le noir:
Tu ne m’oublieras pas.