My love


My love lives in a satellite
She talks on a string of stars
Drawing pixels in my dreams



And the rain will wash away the tears from my eyes
Wash away the dreamy nights
Spent listening to blues and chain smoking cigarettes
Leaving in the early morning a cold taste of regret

And the rain will pour down from the grey skies
Make me forget the face of the sun
Numbing the tip of my fingers
Stretched, as if to reach for something heavier than myself
In this existence too light to be felt
Like spiders’ webs, wavering as the wind kisses them

And the rain will soak every inch of my skin
Dipping reality in an ocean of oblivion
Rounding up the edges of my colourless photographs
Taking my form and expanding it

I will keep on walking as long as the rain falls down from the stars
I will call on your names
Listening to the sound waves hit the space around me
My vocal chords, creating an apocalypse of beats
Your name, three syllables, hitting the drops of rain

There is salvation in the uncorrupted emptiness
There is forgiveness in the untouched silence
And as the rain hits me over and over, hard
Give me oblivion
And the rain will wash away the tears from my eyes.