Murmures incendiaires


Murmures incendiaires

Ça me sort des yeux comme des paillettes
J’ai des fourmis
Entre les cuisses

Murmures incendiaires

Ton souvenir frissonne contre mes doigts
J’ai des couleurs grillées
Dans ma tête

Murmures incendiaires

Tes feux d’artifices
Crèvent ma stratosphère

Murmures incendiaires

Le goût de toi dégouline
Le long de ma voix
Le long de tes cuisses

Murmures incendiaires

Déshabille toi
Je veux te faire danser sous mes caresses

Murmures incendiaires

Craque la serrure
Glisse sous ma robe

Murmures incendiaires

Et brûle

Brûle tout


Long distance


Where do I begin and where do you end?

Kissing through
Corrupted landlines

Can we fight our imagination?

Skins sticking
Lip sucking
There are voices outside
Muffled by your dark eyes
I’ve let go long ago
Stopped running
Slipped on the ice


Fingers in my mouth
All is light
Shut the door
I’m looking for a place
With no windows or colours
To measure us
Our shadows on white walls

Are we built to last?

You’ve Got Me

You’ve got me
By a string
In all that is sad and beautiful
There is
No form, no color on our skins
Only echoes of voices
Promises and whispers
Shivers and scattered breaths
You give me your arms
Like you give me all of you
With tenderness
You break in front of me
Slowly, like a lost child
Unfolding the layers
In your eyes
Sometimes there is a void
A well that swallows me up
There is darkness
Something wild
In your eyes
Lies and excuses
The need to justify
Sometimes you take me
As if you were drowning in pain
As if I was your ship
And you take all of me
You’ve got me
You’ve got me