sink in, love

I wake up
You fall asleep

meet me at the beach
where dreams crawl to the shore
I will caress your cheek
as I come out the waters

Don’t wake me up
I wonder when I
lost you
to the night’s lullabies

sink in, love

tender, tender, tender

And I remember
forget me


Come With Me


Come with me
Where the nights are soft
And your touch is real

The sky cries outside
While you keep me here

Lie with me
Your voice in the dark
On a silent tightrope
A strange satellite



Les flocons de neige
Caressent la mer grise
Un petit matin gelé

Rien ne change, rien ne s’échappe
Du pays né de mes rêveries
Où les mots inconnus s’enroulent
Et se déroulent

J’ai mal aux dents à force de pédaler
Dans ces rues où je ne peux goûter
Que l’odeur de la pierre mouillée
Et mes lèvres salées

De la rive je pénètre
Le fond du lit des eaux
Je dormirai ici
Au creux des vagues blanches


Sick With Love


I am sick with love
My fingers shake as they entangle in yours
My heart suddenly feels heavy and loud
When you whisper to me
I am sick with love
I can’t write poetry
When all I want to write about are the stars
How much I am afraid that they will crash upon the two of us
How desperate I am to make this moment last
I am sick with love
All I can think about is you
And that thought breaks me
I am crushed
By you
I am a mushy version of who I used to be
I hurt
I breathe so fast
I’m turning blind
You came around like a cloud in the wind
You painted my sky for a night
And then left it empty
I want you so bad
I am sick with love
I am sick of you