The Neon lights on the parking lot were blinking
And we were looking
At empty cars
From the clouds
From glass towers
You told me
You missed your mother as a child
You told me
You felt like you had no space

Your body
Empty space
Too much space


Like those empty cars

You told me secrets
In the clouds
In glass towers
Before you emptied
My heart

I stayed in the place
That you forgot about
Think of you
But always
The neon lights on the parking lot
They blink in the dark

Sweet Night


Sweet night
Hanging like a heavy cloak on my tired soul
You take me back to forgotten places
Where strength used to be draped in tenderness
And time quietly lifted
Sweet night
I used to see my mother weep at the sight of beauty
You let me weep on bathroom walls
It feels empty and lost
To hurt because of a beautiful thing
Sweet night
Sing me a lullaby until sunrise
Lay a kiss on my heavy eyelids
And let me drown in dreams.