Did you ever hold me

Without thinking

Of all the ways

You could fail me?




The sky is cold above us
And there are not enough stones to throw into the sea
Splashes swallowed, gulped within huge waves
My body is so light, but my heart feels heavy
Everything seems out of place
Like an empty kitchen, empty echoes
Your mouth and hands move, break and scream
But I’m not sure what these words mean
Every step sounds like an explosion
This town suddenly sounds too loud
Fingers are stretched and hands are given
Let me be touched again
Let me be loved again
Panic electrifies my limbs
You steal my breath
How can you move me
When all I have ever known was hidden gazes
Whispers and secrets
How can I look at you
When nothing has ever been, but the night
There never was any light
My eyes were full of clouds and rivers
Before I laid my gaze on you
You are the hurricane on my plain field
You take me away and tear me apart
But I remain still in your loudness
And all things blow away

Love Letter


Tell me babe
Is there a way I can send you a perfect jewel of poetry
Words that would flow like pearls on your beautiful neck
Hanging close to your heart
For you to carry a piece of me, everywhere you go?
Can I make the skies open up
And let them pour stars, like rain, on the top of your head?
Can I make you feel the warmth of my arms,
The love in my soul,
The touch of my lips
Through my poor scribbles
From the opposite end of the world?
How can I tell you that I miss you
When these words have been corrupted
By too many liars and careless human beings
When so many of us confess feelings
That hold no weight, no thought or meaning
When talking about you becomes
An unbearable challenge of authenticity?
I wish there were easier ways to make you feel my love
I wish I could sit next to you on the train back home
I wish I could fall asleep on your shoulder
I wish I didn’t have to write words, but whisper them to you
I wish I could drown my sorrows within your smile
Open my hands and take the pleasure in
The ecstasy your nearness brings me
Oh Lord, is there a way I can turn the wheels of this big world around?
Is there a way for me to dance with my baby tonight
Without having to think about the stares
Without having to lose my breath
Without having to dream
Of happier days, drowsy hours?
I want to spend my life embracing your perfect imperfection
Your mortal, ageing, irreplaceable being
Be there with me
In truth, in honesty and tenderness
This life tastes sweet with you
It tastes of early sunny mornings
It begs for more
It blesses my joyful soul
This life dances and mends my spirit
So stay with me baby
And as you read this, let me drink the words from your mouth
Let me breathe you in
Let me walk in your shadow
Let me steal you from the world
For a night, for a second
Let me steal the sight of you
Let me take you, whole
Just for a moment
Before you escape me
Before the miles squeeze themselves between us
Let me love you
Let me adore you
Let me miss you
Like crazy.