If the object of my love
Is a lie
What of my love?

I like to think sometimes that
Love is a promise
When kindred spirits meet again
– yet
Can I say that it is you
That I have recognized​?

If the object of my love
Is a lie
What of my pain?

Did I recognize​ a face in the crowd
And wave at a stranger
Who happened to smile back?

If the object of my love
Is a lie
Am I mourning
The loss of you?
Or the loss of a promise?

If the object of my love
Is a lie,
Only silence

You’ve Got Me

You’ve got me
By a string
In all that is sad and beautiful
There is
No form, no color on our skins
Only echoes of voices
Promises and whispers
Shivers and scattered breaths
You give me your arms
Like you give me all of you
With tenderness
You break in front of me
Slowly, like a lost child
Unfolding the layers
In your eyes
Sometimes there is a void
A well that swallows me up
There is darkness
Something wild
In your eyes
Lies and excuses
The need to justify
Sometimes you take me
As if you were drowning in pain
As if I was your ship
And you take all of me
You’ve got me
You’ve got me

Our Bright Future


Stars made out of crystals
The milky way
Scattered on my nightstand
Like heavenly sand
Our Bright Future
Pixels shining on my computer screen
Like flickering candles
I want to feel the world
But I want to numb my mind
Our Bright Future
“Just sitting here, watching the wheels
Go round and round”
Dreaming our time away