Swipe away


Click n’
My files are corrupted
Dishonest technologies
Do you dream sometimes?
The skies were blue and it smelled
Of gasoline
It felt like a heavy heat
And I shivered
It felt like bliss, like love
The Slaughterhouse
I’ve never been as graceful
As when I leaned into your absence
It must have been a dream
Months later, the phone buzzes
Click n’
On my memory card
Do I still love you
Or is it you dreaming
Of someone missing you?


I don’t think about you


I don’t think about you
the way I don’t think about
the air I breathe
the warmth of my sheets
the feel of my
naked skin
You do not cross my mind
like the sky
or the new smell of
autumn leaves
the cold floor under my feet
the scars on my knees
(spent too much time
climbing & falling off
I don’t think about you

I don’t ever need to