blind lovers we are

mould me
retrace my spine
to fit the gentle curve
formed by your legs
and arms
touch me
read my skin with your hands
blind lovers we are
following the trail of desire on each other’s
my love
i never stopped being yours


White Hills, Cold Nights


White hills
Cold nights
My father always drives
Too fast
But is always
Longer nights
Red wine
My room is quiet
Whilst she screams outside
Red breath
Green trees
My mother slipped on the ice once
And I laughed
Cold windows
Broken hearts
She threw the glass
On the kitchen floor
My fists clenched
White hills
Cold days
We were younger once
I didn’t need to speak as much
And you didn’t need to fake a smile
Warm pillows
Wet hair
I don’t have words
To catch

A cup of coffee


A cup of coffee and the happy buzzing of crowds
Life’s going, and every day I open my eyes
Still not understanding the ways of this funny life of mine
My blue jeans are a bit tainted and, well,
So is my smile if I’m being honest
But it’s ok
I know you won’t notice

A cup of coffee and the happy buzzing of crowds
You’re a bit late, so I have time to think
Not daring to wipe the trace of my lipstick
Off this cup of coffee

You tell me you miss me
You tell me you never quite noticed me
Until I was gone
You tell me you want to hold me
But I don’t

If there’s one thing I learned from this cruise
It’s that I will not be your inspiration
I will not be your promise, nor your nostalgic photograph
I will not be contained in a memory
I will not be loved from far away

You tell me you wish you had opened your eyes
Well, too bad I see crystal clear
I am tired of being
The second best, the almost, the maybe someday
I loved you, yes I did
But if my smile is not as bright, believe my horizon is
I am my own hero, the narrative I follow
And the words you never read
Were too good for you to taste

You’re still late, I bet you think I’ll stay
A photo album waiting to be opened
A quick high to remind yourself you have lived
Enough of me
But dear, you never have and you never will

And with this I leave you this printed kiss
On this, now cold, cup of coffee.