your colors

Blue you
Grey you
It’s never the same story
Pink you
Green you
Kiss my ribcage away
Swallow the memory of the
Yellow you
Red you
Bruises fade
My cells hold count
But my mind slips away
White you
Black you
Crawling under my sheets
Whispering in my ear
The darker you
The darkest you
I’m lost
We’re lost
Reality is lost


you and i

i sang for you between white trees
i whispered secrets to the snow
somewhere at the other end of the world
a Mountain still holds the secret of my love
buried under the ice
forever dipped in wonder
and nothingness

entre deux

Use me

Trace l’arc de ma colonne du bout des doigts

Jusqu’à la date de péremption

Will you call my name

As you love another

Et la pluie sur mes cuisses

Tastes rotten

Under your tongue

Intimités inconnues