My love


My love lives in a satellite
She talks on a string of stars
Drawing pixels in my dreams

A hot summer’s day

It’s a hot summer’s day
One of those days
When the tip of my fingers feels numb
When sunlight melts onto my skin
All is damp

I see clouds drift away
Not letting me catch a glimpse of darkness
We find peace in the evening shadows
As the world closes in on itself
Tucked between desire and broken tenderness

We find shelter in the hidden corners of time
And bright
Bright are the hopes
That vanish softly in our sleep

Let Go


The last note on the piano
The last moment before we knew
That the ever changing formation of clouds
The landscapes behind the widow seat
Eternal, still, were never to come back
Let go
Of you
Of me
Of the ties that once made sense to us
Once gave us purpose and meaning
When in truth
There is nothing to tie
And nothing to be tied to
Let me let go
Of the void you left behind
This hole that screams that you were here
Slamming against the hard wall of my fears
I should know better
This world flows away
And glimpses of wonderlands
Are lost and found, but always free
Escaping our desperate grasps
Leaving stings behind where there should be beauty
So let me let go
Turn off the music
And turn on the lights
I’ll close my eyes
And keep on dancing
Let go
If all we can do is forget
And lose ourselves in loneliness
Let go
If love is meant to prove us wrong
If life is a guess, a whisper backstage
Let go
And let the play begin