Come With Me


Come with me
Where the nights are soft
And your touch is real

The sky cries outside
While you keep me here

Lie with me
Your voice in the dark
On a silent tightrope
A strange satellite




Les gouttes de pluie coulent
Le long de sa nuque
Perdue dans la fumée grise
Elle chante doucement
Un appel au vide

Sous son poids
Ses pieds brûlent
Et son sourire grisé
Flotte parmi avions et satellites
Jamais elle ne rêve d’étoiles

Lente et légère
Elle remarque qu’elle ne souffre plus
De gravité
Et elle s’endort heureuse
De savoir qu’il est encore possible

A Sad Party Up In Heaven

DSC_3109 (1)

Man on the rooftops
Sits at the edge of freedom
Dipping his head in clouds
Whistles old dancing tunes
It’s a sad party up in heaven

Man on the rooftops
Walking away until the fall
It seems
That the wind and silence
Are harder to face
When you’re so high

Man on the rooftops
Blinking signs all around
Beating away the rhythm
Of angels’ hearts
It’s a sad party up in heaven

Man on the rooftops
Never decides
Where to live
Or how to die
He just waits
A drink in his hand
It’s a sad party up in heaven

Sick With Love


I am sick with love
My fingers shake as they entangle in yours
My heart suddenly feels heavy and loud
When you whisper to me
I am sick with love
I can’t write poetry
When all I want to write about are the stars
How much I am afraid that they will crash upon the two of us
How desperate I am to make this moment last
I am sick with love
All I can think about is you
And that thought breaks me
I am crushed
By you
I am a mushy version of who I used to be
I hurt
I breathe so fast
I’m turning blind
You came around like a cloud in the wind
You painted my sky for a night
And then left it empty
I want you so bad
I am sick with love
I am sick of you

She Keeps The Lights On


She keeps the lights on
Home is where we don’t need stars to sleep
She falls in dreams sailing on wild oceans
Picturing shores she’ll never reach
Blue skies where all birds disappear

She keeps the lights on
Under the sheets she reaches for the phone
Wondering how to send
Silent tears he’ll never see
Quivering lips he’ll never taste

She keeps the lights on
Time turned hurt into a slick armour
She finds spaces to destroy within herself
Spaces to dig a well
To let go and forget

She keeps the lights on
She keeps her eyes closed
Losing him is so sad
Like an unfinished poem
Words that will never be said
Unwritten postcards and bottles lost at sea
Losing him is like seeing stars raining on a lake
Knowing that if you tried to reach them
You would drown in beauty

She keeps the lights on
There are no shadows in the face of the truth
No missed details, no oversight

She keeps the lights on
Darkness will not win over her
This time around