Swipe left


Click n’
My files are corrupted
Dishonest technologies
Do you dream sometimes?
The skies were blue and it smelled
Of gasoline
It felt like a heavy heat
And I shivered
It felt like bliss, like love
The Slaughterhouse
I’ve never been as graceful
As when I leaned into your absence
It must have been a dream
Months later, the phone buzzes
Click n’
Swipe left
On my memory card
Do I still love you
Or is it you dreaming
Of someone missing you?

A hot summer’s day

It’s a hot summer’s day
One of those days
When the tip of my fingers feels numb
When sunlight melts onto my skin
All is damp

I see clouds drift away
Not letting me catch a glimpse of darkness
We find peace in the evening shadows
As the world closes in on itself
Tucked between desire and broken tenderness

We find shelter in the hidden corners of time
And bright
Bright are the hopes
That vanish softly in our sleep

Summer heat


Between the folds of her dress
Sweaty palms on tired skin
Sleepy bodies in the summer heat
A touch
Too heavy to fight
And kisses
Soft, afraid her skin might melt
Summer heat
Diving deep in dizzy smokes
Take me to the place
Where desire starts and carelessness ends
And let me slip
Between the folds of your dress