The name of love


I saw you rise in the fire

Like Orpheus coming back from the dead

In his kiss 

I saw you rise

I saw drops of sweat forming pearls

On your upper lip



Hold on

My soul

I’ve forgotten your name

But I still hear your laughs

              when he looks at me

His arms ask me

If I want to forget and be loved 


I remember that word was meant for the mole on your cheekbone

The negative of a clear star that impacted your skin


I looked at the sun for too long

I must be blind

I can still read joy at the tip of my fingers

Grazing the brail of desire

His eyelashes flutter a little

When he looks at me

Hold on he says

Hold on my love

I’ve forgotten your name

The way it kisses my tongue

Rolls like waves on the shore

Of my memory

The name of love 

It was always a gift

The name of love



Ose m’aimer


Ose m’aimer

J’ai un cœur à crever
Et une âme à serrer

Ose m’aimer

Je suis faite de cris
De sueur et de rires

Je suis faite d’éclats de verre.

Ose m’aimer

Je cours vite et je n’écoute pas
Je chute, je me bats
Je suis craquée, entière

Ose m’aimer

J’ai des fissures sous les paupières
Et des trous dans ma tête

Ose m’aimer

J’ai de la douleur sourde
Qui me coule dans les veines

Ose m’aimer

Pour rien
Pour tout

Ose m’aimer, moi


I leaped through space
I missed the moon
I caught a glimpse of the crack
Across the dark side
No sleep
Dreams are slipping through the dark
And days die quietly
Crispy leaves under my heel
Shut the windows
And stop
My love for you was loud
So loud
To silence