All is blue

All is blue
All is bright
Driving by cities at night
Unclean mind, unclean heart
The wicked melts under my tongue
My brain is drowning on alcohol
Shut my mouth
& close my eyes
All is blue
All is bright
I believe in love at first sight


soft awakenings

i can swear there were
at the corner of your eye this morning

soft awakenings
tongue on lips and lips on tongue

i can swear there were
galloping the distance
between your heart
and mine

infinite songs
i can recall now
hold me hold me hold me

i can swear there were
at the corner of your eye

this morning

White Hills, Cold Nights


White hills
Cold nights
My father always drives
Too fast
But is always
Longer nights
Red wine
My room is quiet
Whilst she screams outside
Red breath
Green trees
My mother slipped on the ice once
And I laughed
Cold windows
Broken hearts
She threw the glass
On the kitchen floor
My fists clenched
White hills
Cold days
We were younger once
I didn’t need to speak as much
And you didn’t need to fake a smile
Warm pillows
Wet hair
I don’t have words
To catch

My love


My love has the sun in her smile
When she smiles
The heavens crack open
And power fills the earth
Slipping through the cracks
Igniting me
My love unfolds my soul
Like one unfolds a map
Uncovers the roads erased
By fingers tracing
Now lost in fog and buried in silence
Until I heard her voice
My love is an old memory
Of palaces and stars
Lost in the folds of time
My love lives in a satellite
She talks on a string of stars
Drawing pixels in my dreams
My love whispers to me at night
Words she is still afraid of
And feelings too fragile
To be spoken about
My love is heaven’s mistake
Oh beautiful, beautiful mistake
She is
My love is a door opened too soon
A trip on the stairs
My love is a fragment of eternity
Escaped from my shelf
My love sings to the drum of my heart
My love speaks the poem of my soul
My love is right
My love is free
Oh beautiful, beautiful freedom
She is