All is blue

All is blue
All is bright
Driving by cities at night
Unclean mind, unclean heart
The wicked melts under my tongue
My brain is drowning on alcohol
Shut my mouth
& close my eyes
All is blue
All is bright
I believe in love at first sight


We Left Our Shoes At The Bar


We left our shoes at the bar
And we stole a bottle of wine
There’s so much bliss around the corner
Of those streets we used to hate
Our heavy hearts have finally burst
And I wait for the next second
The next high to kick in

We make love on your car
Cause I forgot my keys
I like the feel of your skin
I like the taste of your lips
They taste of youth and sadness
They smell of fire and smoke

You take me home in the shadows
And tell me that life is long
Tell me that life burns all
That money steals our dreams
And that time is the thread
That ties us to the stars

We don’t deserve this love
Hidden in the dark
It’s sad to see how much
We have already lost
Lost at the bottom
Of our bottle of wine