Sometimes when I am sad (poetry).

I have no words.

middle east revised

Times of chaos – all over and all over again. So I write.

Sometimes when I am sad (31st July, 2014)

We don’t do body counts
The general says
Until it’s our blood and flesh
Then we’ll put in on the billboards
Travel across the ocean
How could they
Wednesday 30 July 77 killed
12 at the wedding by rocket
But the generals say they do not do body counts
Not for the other side
The general is retired now
Runs a firm
active in the disaster recovery industry
how convenient
but private consultants have no advice on Iraq
july casualties so far – 1464 civilians dead
somebody keeps on counting
somebody appreciates life on both sides
and justice above your dirty games


i saw a photo of a man
selling flowers in Damascus
they bought bouquets of violets from him
say he’s romantic and takes time to make…

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Delicious Winds


celebration oats
swaying south while some sway north
circular wind stream

dancing by the sea
glorious shades of blue
sun dancing mild ripples

all framing portrait
high on wind the wind is high
kite sea sail flying

tiny birds grounded
for takeoff and departures
tower has spoken

how do fish know
to come to wednesday fish fry
reading their newspaper

wind must come from “west”
that’s when “fishing is the best”
fish love a good rhyme

biting “least with east”
when wind is south catch large mouth
fish north poker fourth

what else could it be
would like to play poker with
charlie the tuna

purposeful porpoise
pray tell sir do you have
any crazy eights


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For You – N. E. Skull

poetry by skull


I don’t want to write about him.

He doesn’t inspire me like you used to.

There were sonnets in the arch of your back.

Your lips have been written about a thousand times before.

Damocles’ blade was in your shoulder,

And Samson in your hair.

If you are a painting,

He is negative space.

In him, I see only your absence.

In me, he sees it, too.

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