The wind

The sound of the wind
Bending trees
Like waves crashing
On a beach
The thought of you comes
To me
And fills me with joy.


parallel universes

In a parallel universe
We kiss in a room
With yellow curtains

In a parallel universe
I miss you by a day
And my pillows are dry

In a parallel universe
You tell me you love me
I never walk away


I like to play
With spider webs in the dark
Soft tickles and harsh bites
I tend to forget lately
What the frame looks like
Behind closed eyes
I listen to the trickle on the window ledge
Kiss my lips in the shower
My damp hair in the morning
My pillows aren’t soft
or cool enough to soothe
My burnt fingertips


Je dessine sur le crystal
La trace de tes lèvres

Une goutte de vin oubliée
sur mon coussin

blind lovers we are

mould me
retrace my spine
to fit the gentle curve
formed by your legs
and arms
touch me
read my skin with your hands
blind lovers we are
following the trail of desire on each other’s
my love
i never stopped being yours