Seeing your smile before seeing your face
Grazing the top of a skyscraper and being more amazed by your face than by the view
Smelling passing roses on my bicycle rides
My bicycle rides
My bicycle rides
Watching pine trees’ pollen dance in the wind
Watching your hand slowly relax as you’re falling asleep
The slow beauty of a tea ceremony
A prayer in the desert
Drunk on red wine & stuffing our faces with chocolate cake
Holding your hands when you were too cold
Hearing your laughter close to my ears
Ink & skin
Walking in the snowy mountain under a blue sky
My friend’s laughter as she touches snow
For the first time
Singing in buses to cheesy pop songs
Crying in my sister’s arms
Dancing with you
Feeling your hand grab my hair as you kiss me one last time
The taste of okonomiyaki
Heavy summer rains and
Netflix evenings with comfortable people
Seeing my parents happy
Fuji-san dressed in a robe of cherry blossoms
A snow storm of petals over my head
Reading your letters in the dead of the night and
Catching butterflies
Grazing your face with my fingers
On the road
California’s freeways
Having home travel to the end of the world to hold me
Karaoke evenings in Tokyo
The taste of banana bread
Lying down after having walked all day
Having friends around when life hits me hard
Having family around when politics goes crazy
Having you around every day, every night
Dancing in my mind
Trees touching the rivers in Kyoto
The light of neons in the dark
Barbecues and sea waves in France
Paris in the early morning
Making a new home for myself
Meeting and listening to inspiring people
Museums and gardens
… with Rodin sculptures
The thrill of dancing and singing at a show
Falling asleep in a bed every night
Warmth and cuddles
Healing myself &
Loving you