I heard your name.


I will always remember the first time
I heard your name

I laughed –

And have laughed ever since.


Femme Erasure & Straight-Passing Privilege

A beautifully shot video that hit home for me. Amazed by the clear, yet complex and subtle script and the intimate, delicate visuals. A must-see!

La jupe


La ballerine s’accroche
Aux doigts de pied
De pieds qui se balancent
De jambes frissonnantes
Couvertes par tes mains

Tu regrettes
Le froid de mars –
La jupe qui,
Enfilée ce matin,
N’apporte pas l’été.

Syrian Women.

“We must fight that dehumanisation, not least because to see the humanity in others, is to glimpse it within ourselves”.
On women’s day, let us remember all the Syrian refugees in Jordan, but also on our European shores, who just want to get an education and have a life. 60% of refugees are CHILDREN. Let us stop looking at them as criminals, looters and terrorists. They need our help. And we will need theirs, in due time.
Check this video out, posted by John Green: