Dark lace Fireball


We sat down on the sidewalk and smoked a cigarette
In a city of silence, the world in front of us
The foam licked the tip of our toes
As we laid down our gaze upon the horizon
Your beauty shone
Like dark lace entangled in a fireball
Your eyes told me secrets
Bedtime stories and trails of heavy rain
And it all fell gently upon my soul
Weightless gravity
I found infinity
Somewhere in between your lips
Dark lace entangled in a fireball
And hidden in the eternity of this moment
Your kisses spell the only truth
That we are, and will always be
Lost in love


Remains of Memories


Remains of memories
I stitch slowly together
The summer breeze between my fingers
The taste of salt upon my lips
Forgotten nights lost in a city of silence
I stumble across clouds of gentle drunkenness
A shadow dancing in the dark
I feel the cold winter nights
Creeping up my toes
And the tears I used to cry
When autumn leaves would fall
Remains of memories
Bubbles in my bath
The flickering of candles
And the tiredness I find
At the bottom of my glass of wine
Reminiscing endlessly
Stitches upon stitches
Perhaps I should now
Close those worn out curtains
And sink into sleep

Au creux de mes paumes ridées


Au creux de mes paumes ridées
Chaque goutte de pluie
Réveille le souvenir
Des soirs en vol plané
Perdue dans le silence

Des fenêtres géantes
Je tends les doigts
Vers un ciel de paillette
J’attends quelqu’un
Et j’oublie tous les mots

Regarde moi
Ne dis rien qui puisse briser nos rêves
Berce moi dans l’ivresse
Glisse-moi un murmure
Au travers des fissures
De notre amour cassé

Je suis libre et je marche
Je quitte la terre de ma jeunesse
Les yeux clos sur un fil trop fragile
Je ressens ton regard m’envelopper
Et les larmes s’écrasent
Au creux de mes paumes ridées