Road Maps To Heaven


Looking through the hourglass
Hearing tinting wishes in the background
There’s a tree of sadness and yearning growing in my chest
Roots in my hands grabbing rushing bodies
The need to be loved and be touched
The fear to look you in the eye

Dilated pupils open forbidden windows
We jump for our deaths in the pursuit of dreams
I look for stillness and quiet in my soul
Stretch for sobriety and reaching for the clear
With pounding beats drumming  in my ears

Looking through the hourglass
Freeze the flight and let it sink in
Each drop of rain shapes my being
Rivers and hurricanes hit me
A broken body shaped by ruthless beauty

I starve both physically and spiritually
Blurry vision and inescapable clarity
Let myself fall onto a soft pillow of darkness
Sink into sleep and try not to wake up
Maybe if I don’t look at your lips
I’ll hurt harder but faster
Maybe if I fight against your gravity
I’ll escape inevitability

There’s a tree growing in my chest
All the words are written on my skin
Tattooed prayers and road maps to heaven
Let the branches pierce my skin
Let me grow beyond this body
Let me be infinite in my weakness

Let it be.


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