The cold wind blows


The clocks have stopped and the air has gone stale
The windows are closed and I feel
As though as my breath moulded the edges of my body
Trapping me in heaviness
This body sinks in itself
Free falling uncontrollably
Ghosts are hovering around me
I try to forget and lie to the skies
I lie to my reflection, I lie to my hands
I lie everyday and look the other way
I am lost on the highway of dreams
There’s only darkness and drunkenness
The cold wind blows
And my face withers away
Bits and pieces of me flying around
And me driving like a mad woman
Begging life to hit me and stop
This mad carousel
Going round and round
Seasons and years passing by
In a dizzy fashion
Faces and kisses and memories
Thoughts of you fading away
I used to cling to memories
Like items of clothing
But now my bare skin is shivering
For I have forgotten the self I used to be
With you
And the cold wind blows


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