A hot summer’s day


It’s a hot summer’s day
One of those days
When the tip of my fingers feels numb
When the sunlight flows onto my skin
And all is dampness
Trying to carry the air around us
So unbearably heavy
Slamming doors and cutting cheeks
We find peace in the evening shadows
Let the world close on itslef quietly
Just let us breathe
It’s a hot summer’s day
When I see the clouds drift away
Not letting me catch a glimpse of darkness
My words are no safe haven from your blows
Screams and cries split my body in two halves
There’s sweetness and yet so much fear
The life growing inside of me
Is it drowning or saving me?
Is this my salvation, Lord?
It’s a hot summer’s day
Beauty lies in the hidden corners of time
A forest of secret wishes
Bright are the hopes
Vanishing soflty in our sleep
Tucked between desire and broken tenderness
Keep looking at me
I’m drifting away
Keep looking at me
Don’t lose me


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