A Little Ship Lost In the Night


It has been a long walk on a lonely road
Too many words
That never have been said
You wish your voice could sound perfect for once
You wish the drops of rain would not feel
Out of sync
You want your broken body to just hold you
Just let you stand
Just let you breathe
Tell me why is this silence so unbearably loud
It crushes everything under its weight
It gulps our love within
The monstrous body of loneliness
Until nothing makes sense and everything feels cruel
You’ve been popping pills
Drawing clouds on dirty glass
Sometime has become your eternity
And everyday you feel smaller
A little ship lost in the night
Everywhere you turn the wind howls
People tear each other’s names apart
And pain alone remains
A filthy parasite that cracks your insides open
It takes everything and leaves nothing to offer
Why did they show you stars that you could never reach
Why do they talk of joy
When you’re drowning in fear
Oh God, can you hear the wailers
Is there love anywhere
Or are we turning blind?
Oh God, will you save us,
Will you save her
Save all that remains of beauty
Will you lift her up to the place
Where bright lights and sweet dreams are all that ever is
Will you take her in your arms
Sing her a lullaby for me
The sweetest of them all
Until all is safe
Until all feels right
A little ship lost in the night


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