Your Name

Your name flows out of the tap
It hides in the steam
It escapes my fingers

Your name rings with every drop of rain
It is written on windows and mirrors

Your name is easier to whisper

Your name smoothed the memory
Your name has become my survival story
Your name is the weight we carry
Your name has become our silence

I got used to your name
Like you get used to a broken leg
I learned to limp until I forgot the pain

Your name is the friend that never leaves
It sits by my bed at night until I fall asleep
It is the numbness of every hour in the day
It is the dying hope that you’ll be home tonight

Your name carries your shadow
It is made up of unanswered questions and things left unsaid

Your name is easy to whisper
Like a rehearsed play
Of sounds I heard, spoke, and cried
Too many times

Your name rains on the streets
And it knocks on doors
And it holds my hand
And it becomes easy
And it loses meaning
As I’m losing you


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