She Keeps The Lights On


She keeps the lights on
Home is where we don’t need stars to sleep
She falls in dreams sailing on wild oceans
Picturing shores she’ll never reach
Blue skies where all birds disappear

She keeps the lights on
Under the sheets she reaches for the phone
Wondering how to send
Silent tears he’ll never see
Quivering lips he’ll never taste

She keeps the lights on
Time turned hurt into a slick armour
She finds spaces to destroy within herself
Spaces to dig a well
To let go and forget

She keeps the lights on
She keeps her eyes closed
Losing him is so sad
Like an unfinished poem
Words that will never be said
Unwritten postcards and bottles lost at sea
Losing him is like seeing stars raining on a lake
Knowing that if you tried to reach them
You would drown in beauty

She keeps the lights on
There are no shadows in the face of the truth
No missed details, no oversight

She keeps the lights on
Darkness will not win over her
This time around


I Leave Words Behind


I leave words behind
Like a trail that tells me where I’m from
Like little candles that save me from the dark
A faded memory of home

I leave words behind
I cling on to the silence between my breaths
It soars within me and swallows me whole
Until I break into a million pieces

I leave words behind
I try to clasp my hand around the unknown
I want it to suffocate
I want it to survive
So I leave words behind

Words are wells in themselves
And as much as I want them to be strong
To hit hard, to be unbreakable
The echo fades within
And I become a shadow of myself

But still I write
I write down fears I thought we wouldn’t carry
Shores that would save us from drowning
Wings that would save us from falling
I write us the life that we once tried living

I try to push those words ahead
To build a shelter made of a thousand flames
Breaking the silence
Breaking the darkness
In the end I write
For us to break free

Thorns And Roses Still Grow On Stone


Don’t go back to old novels
And words whose ink already faded
Don’t try to open doors that lead to tombs and wells
Old corpses do not speak
And I won’t be your answer

Ice conquers the corners of my room
To fight the cold one has to let it in
I still love you despite abandonment
Thorns and roses still grow on stone

I lost the pretty part of me
The day I left you in the woods
You will not like me anymore
You will not touch me anymore
You will not smile, not laugh, not cry

You will feel lost when you realise
That all is buried
And memories are merely ghosts

So leave me behind until nightfall
Until I’m lost offshore
Until our faces fade away
Until all lights are out

La Rupture


Peut on effacer les hésitations
Peut on essuyer les malentendus
Se regarder dans les yeux sans se perdre ?

J’écoute le bruit de la ville, le battement de ton cœur
La douceur de ta voix lorsque tu m’avoues
Que tu ne m’aimes pas

La pensée devient parole
Et le geste est le souffle qui sauve
L’âme éclatée que j’ai laissée entre tes draps

Les miroirs reflètent nos histoires criantes
J’entends encore les mots scandés dans le creux de la foule
Le poing levé pour crever les étoiles
Et déchirer le ciel

Je vois tes yeux brouillés d’extase
Que nos esprits se perdent et que nos corps se tuent
A la gloire des dieux, à la santé de nos ivresses perdues

C’est le moment d’un cri
Face aux flammes des briquets
C’est l’éternité d’un cri
Face aux visages en pleurs

J’arrache la vie au temps
Que j’y saute, que je boive l’elixir
Pour qu’enfin je puisse avoir mal d’exister

Ne lâche pas ma main
Retiens ton souffle
Pour que je puisse entendre celui de ma génération
Ne maudissons pas cette vie
Ne la maudissons plus