Chasing Sunsets


Chasing sunsets
For the dark to never fall around me
Dying lights on your beautiful face
I am home where the air carries my feet
Where the smoke reminds me
That life is wrapped in strangely sad sheets of things left unsaid
I am home where I can stretch my arms
And find a hand that doesn’t mind carrying out the mess
I am trying
To touch the world in a new way
But I can only speak in past tenses
I feel old, and if I look closer
I think I may be a little broken
Chasing sunsets
Dreams that only last for minutes
I used to recognize your voice
But I know now I only heard my words
Chasing sunsets
Running, out of breath
It hurts so much
That it turns me blind, it punches the air out of me
So I keep on running
I hate you
But mostly, I hate myself
Because you tried, but never could
Love me


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