Spark in the night

Vous me parlez de lumière
De ces grands soleils, ces grandes vérités
De la certitude et du réconfort

Vous me parlez de lumière
Celle qui réchauffe et éclaire le monde

Vous me parlez de lumière

Mais la lumière est trop forte, trop vive, trop audacieuse pour moi
La lumière rentre dans les pores de ma peau
Elle déchire mon être et révèle les douleurs
La lumière vole trop haut et perce trop loin, trop vite
Et mes doigts dansent dans ses rayons
Nerveux, par peur d’être brûlés

Vous me parlez de lumière
De la lumière qui sauve, de celle qui délivre

Mais mon être est un être obscur
J’ai soif de la soif de lumière
Je cherche la percée, non pas la vérité
Ni la certitude

Je veux vivre la crainte d’exister
La peur qui vit dans chaque mouvement et dans l’inaction
L’incertitude de ne jamais savoir lequel des gestes sera fatal

Je veux imaginer des mondes fantastiques
Et danser avec leurs ombres
Entrevoir les replis des êtres
Et lire chaque page, la bougie à la main

J’attends la nuit pour que la braise luise
Que le rouge enflamme nos coeurs
Que nos visages se cachent, se cherchent
Et que nos mains se retrouvent dans l’oubli

Je veux attraper la lueur des étoiles
Et entrevoir d’infinies éternités
Je ne veux pas savoir

Je veux te deviner.

My Hands Found You First


My hands found you first
You were dancing in a dark crowd
Young, lost, and drunk on freedom
Taking shots to numb the edges of your awkward body
Eyes wide open with a smile hanging on your face
Your feet stumbling across the dance floor

And my hands found you first
Ships and stars sinking in your eyes
You told me that I was spinning
And I laughed, already reaching for the bar
Waiting to embark on the same cruise as you
Hey waiter, make it strong
I cannot miss my flight

For my hands found you first
Your heavy breath gliding on my bare neck
Your arms holding my back
As if I was about to break into a million pieces
For in all that darkness
I guess you saw me right
Somehow I learnt the way to dance
Without watching where my feet were going
Navigating between expectations and judgements
The hidden gazes behind the disco ball
There are endless nights and endless loves to be found
And I know that I’ll never be able to figure you out

But my hands found you first
And you gave me a second
I wish there were words that would make it all clear
Words that could encompass the breaking beauty of this instant
All the mornings and sleeps and dreams that led up to this moment
Your eyes in mine, everything proclaiming that you and I were first, always
That these hands were meant to find you, stranger
Collect the words and poems already written on your skin
Finding out that my words could never catch the way this light kisses you now
Leaving me to embrace the ghost of a dream
Ringing in my ears like a faded memory
Luminous oblivion
And my hands found you first
Before I lost myself

Let Go


The last note on the piano
The last moment before we knew
That the ever changing formation of clouds
The landscapes behind the widow seat
Eternal, still, were never to come back
Let go
Of you
Of me
Of the ties that once made sense to us
Once gave us purpose and meaning
When in truth
There is nothing to tie
And nothing to be tied to
Let me let go
Of the void you left behind
This hole that screams that you were here
Slamming against the hard wall of my fears
I should know better
This world flows away
And glimpses of wonderlands
Are lost and found, but always free
Escaping our desperate grasps
Leaving stings behind where there should be beauty
So let me let go
Turn off the music
And turn on the lights
I’ll close my eyes
And keep on dancing
Let go
If all we can do is forget
And lose ourselves in loneliness
Let go
If love is meant to prove us wrong
If life is a guess, a whisper backstage
Let go
And let the play begin