Our Bright Future


Our Bright Future
Stars made out of crystals
The milky way
Scattered on my nightstand
Like heavenly sand
Our Bright Future
Somewhere along the shots
I forgot how to breathe
Pixie dust in the moonlight
I learned the way it tears you apart
After giving you wings to fly
Our Bright Future
Pixels shining on my computer screen
Like flickering candles
I want to feel the world
But I want to numb my mind
Our Bright Future
Fake emotions to build self-pity on
“Just sitting here, watching the wheels
Go round and round”
Dreaming our time away
Our Bright Future
We pave roads in the hopes someone will pick up the stones
We want to be touched, we want to be seen
Be given gravity, a weight for someone else to carry
Our Bright Future
I used to pray like I was drowning
Relentlessly chanting my father’s incantations
Hoping echoes would wake me up
Give me more time and meaning
Something to suffer from
Our Bright Future
Let the world hit me like a stone dropped on a still lake
Breaking the world of mirroring expectations
The hollow sound of empty promises
Our Bright Future
Come, let it shine in my darkened rooms
Let me embrace the beauty of broken mirrors
The pieces of my mind
Our Bright Future
Look at you
Look at us
We are glowing
This is us, this is ours



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