Before dozing off to some dreamy wonderland
You take my hand and ask me
If I’ll stay with you, just for a little while
A night,
A year or two
When really, I wish you’d say

Like a secret lost in the middle of this night
Full of unfulfilled stories and words
That never will be said
I know I may be a little too happy
A little to drunk in my loving offence
But I’ll bury it all in between those bed sheets
In the dark oblivion of this night that never was Tonight

It is too good to laugh and sing with you
Allowing me some days to dream of a forever
Drifting further and further away
From the shore of our friendship
Playing tricks with the currents
But always, always finding my way back to you

I’ll be your best friend
I’ll be the shadow behind the curtain
You know I’ll always be there, somewhere
To warm up your cold feet and never be too serious
Never to confess that deep down
I love you

And if you need me to be
I’ll be your Forever
I’ll be your What if
I’ll be your Never


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