You jump
Your little feet land in the puddle of mud
Each drop of black water splashing
A musical score on those big white walls
You turn on the music
Heavenly notes that match
The jerk of your hips
The curve of your back
Girl with the red shoes
I can feel your heartbeat on the tip of your toes
As I slowly remove
Your knee socks
Oh, heavy carelessness
You used to talk more, I remember
But our love has vanished into silence
Your light burning, ever so bright
In my dark reverie
All I need is you
The flutter of your eyes
Slipping down your legs
God, is this music good
Your form exhilarating
Your taste intoxicating
You don’t know the beauty of it all
How when you light your cigarette
Singing softly
I forget all
And dive into sleep


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