Beyond Everything


Headphones on
Play it
Play me
Like it builds you from scratch again
Fractured stones picked up from the concrete
Under the skies’ blue, grey, lilac clouds
Hit me until every atom begins to glow on my skin
Carry me upon iced waters
My breath violated in its freedom, unable to reach God’s hand
Heal me with your touch
Love is the glue that keeps my torn soul together
Love me, like there is no way out of this life
Give me colours and let me brush up the fantastic painting of our disaster
Leaking beyond the frames
Nothing can keep us together in the space that was given to us
There is
Too little time
Too much to feel and breathe
It feels as if the earth wasn’t able to hold out the sky any longer
The crash
Unbearable, yet unescapable
So hold me tight and dive into me
Creep into my skin
Embrace my self-destructing being
Let us be as one
Like waves kissing the sand beneath them
Like stars scattered on infinity’s picture
You are my sun, my warmth, my blood
My will to live, my life
Erase the nightmares and the anxiety seeded within me
Take it all and burn it
Until there remains light
Only light
Beyond everything
Beyond you and me



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