Support My Poetry

I am passionate about beauty. I try to find it in everything, observe myself and the ones around me so I can catch the spark that makes a moment true and genuine.
And then, I write about it. So I can not forget this moment, so I can remember what I’m here for.
I hope that I’ll be able to convey these moments to you.
With your help, I hope I can increase my potential, push my creative barriers, and, who knows, maybe get published some day. 
I literally do not own anything except for my pen and my piece of paper right now, but I hope that my voice can somehow reach beyond the void to be heard by you.
Art is made to be seen, touched, felt, read, heard so as to catch a glimpse of who we are in relation to the world, to ourselves and the ones around us. 
I will do my best to attempt to let you see through the cracks. 



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