Chasing Sunsets (2014, re-edited)

Chasing sunsets
For the dark to never fall around me
Wrapping me in the sheets of all things left unsaid
I am trying
To touch the world in a new way
But I can only speak in past tenses

I feel old, love

I used to think I recognized your voice
But I know now I only heard my own
And the lines of your face feel
Drawn on
Like a figment of my imagination

Chasing sunsets
There’s no music to be faced
I guess I just need loneliness to be filled
With your colors

Swipe left


Click n’
My files are corrupted
Dishonest technologies
Do you dream sometimes?
The skies were blue and it smelled
Of gasoline
It felt like a heavy heat
And I shivered
It felt like bliss, like love
The Slaughterhouse
I’ve never been as graceful
As when I leaned into your absence
It must have been a dream
Months later, the phone buzzes
Click n’
Swipe left
On my memory card
Do I still love you
Or is it you dreaming
Of someone missing you?